Time Management Training for Leaders

Ideal Attendees

  • Management or Management Trainees
  • Professional who want to get the job under control and start installing the discipline in themselves to get it accomplished.
  • Leaders who need to delegate, have the authority to delegate, but are having trouble doing so.
  • Professional who are not utilizing the resources available to them to their most efficient and productive level. 

Course Objectives

  • Make planning part of the regular routine.
  • How to break out of reactive patterns.
  • Make activities consistent with your goals.
  • Learn when to say no; and do it firmly and tactfully.
  • Effectively use the resources available to help to their full potential.
  • Learn to let go of how things are done as long as the final work is acceptable.
  • Become less controlling and more of a facilitator. 
  • Make it okay to not have to do everything and be overly immersed in everything.
  • Let go of counter-productive, overly controlling behavior.
  • Identify when your level of effort to control becomes counter productive.
  • Grasp that when you do something someone else can do, it keeps you from doing something only you can do.
  • Identify and remove any blocks or barriers to effective delegating.
  • Accept the fact that you will never be completely caught up.
  • Distinguish between what is important and what is urgent.

Course Outline

  • Self assessment of daily time usage.
  • Become aware of habits that need to be broken.
  • The characteristics of successful executive time managers and how to emulate them.
  • Create an interrupted block of time so you can concentrate on your work.
  • Schedule the most important activities for each day.
  • Set time limits for everything you do and try to finish within the time allowed.
  • The secret for making things happen- scheduling.
  • Leave room for the unexpected when planning your schedule.
  • To keep from deviating from new habits, participants complete a written commitment/ action steps page.